What is a Certified Vet Tech?

If you’re thinking about becoming a certified veterinary technician, you probably have a lot of questions. What is a certified vet tech? What are the requirements? What can you expect from the job?

We’ve got the answers to all of your questions in this blog post. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about certified veterinary technicians.

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A certified veterinary technician (CVT) is a highly trained professional who works alongside veterinarians to provide quality animal care. CVTs are educated in all aspects of animal health, including anatomy and physiology, disease prevention, medical and surgical procedures, dentistry, and pharmacology. In addition to their clinical skills, CVTs also have strong communication and customer service skills, as they often act as a liaison between clients and veterinarians.

What is a certified vet tech?

Veterinary technicians are an important part of the veterinary team. They are the ones who work closely with the animals and are responsible for their care. A certified vet tech is a veterinary technician who has passed a state-recognized exam. This certification allows them to work in all 50 states.

The requirements to become a certified vet tech

In order to become a certified vet tech, one must first graduate from an accredited veterinary technology program and then pass a credentialing exam administered by the state in which they wish to practice. Once certified, vet techs must maintain their certification by completing continuing education credits on a regular basis.

The benefits of becoming a certified vet tech

There are many benefits to becoming a certified veterinary technician (CVT). CVTs are an important part of the veterinary health care team. They often play a vital role in the daily operations of a veterinary hospital or clinic.

In most states, CVTs are required to complete a two-year accredited vocational or technical program in order to be eligible to take the exams necessary to become certified. Many CVTs also choose to pursue additional education and training beyond the minimum requirements.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offers a variety of benefits to members, including access to AVMA Professional Liability Insurance, discounts on AVMA products and services, and free online CE courses. Certified members also receive complimentary subscriptions to JAVMA news and Veterinary Economics magazine.

In addition, many employers prefer to hire CVTs because they have demonstrated their commitment to the profession through certification. Certified technicians often have advanced knowledge and skills that can make them more valuable employees.


There are many different types of vet techs, but a certified vet tech (CVT) is a specially trained and qualified professional who has passed a standardized exam. CVTs typically have more experience and training than non-certified vet techs, and they are often responsible for supervising other staff members. If you’re considering a career in veterinary medicine, becoming a CVT is a great way to get started.

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