What Does an Operating Room Tech Do?

Operating room techs play an important role in ensuring that surgeries go smoothly. They are responsible for setting up the operating room, sterilizing equipment, and assisting surgeons during procedures. If you’re interested in a career in healthcare, becoming an operating room tech could be a great option for you.

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Job Description

An operating room tech, also called a surgical technologist, is a member of the surgical team. The surgical technologist works under the supervision of the surgeon and registered nurse to ensure that the operating room is ready for surgery.


An operating room technician is responsible for setting up operating rooms and ensuring that they are clean and sterile. They may also be responsible for transporting patients to and from the operating room, as well as helping to position them on the operating table. In some cases, operating room technicians may also be responsible for providing anesthesia to patients.


An operating room tech, also called a surgical technologist, is an allied health professional who works as part of a surgical team. Operating room techs work closely with surgeons, nurses and other medical staff to ensure that surgeries are performed safely and effectively.

Operating room techs typically need to have an associate’s degree in surgical technology from an accredited program. Some employers may also require certification from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

In addition to having the necessary education and training, operating room techs must be able to work well under pressure, have excellent manual dexterity and be able to pay attention to detail. They must also have good interpersonal skills since they will be working closely with other members of the surgical team.


An Operating Room Tech is a medical professional who is responsible for the set up and operation of equipment in the operating room. They must have knowledge of various medical procedures and must be able to sterilize equipment. The average salary for an Operating Room Tech is $31,000 per year.


Operating room techs usually make between $28,860 and $60,270 per year, with a median salary of $41,750 per year. This means that half of all operating room techs make less than this amount, and half make more. The top 10 percent of operating room techs make more than $60,270 per year, while the bottom 10 percent make less than $28,860 per year.

Factors that Affect Salary

Operating Room Techs are in high demand, but there are a number of factors thataffect salary. The amount of experience an OR Tech has, the state they work in,and the type of facility they work in all affect how much they will earn. Hereis a more detailed breakdown of these factors:

-Experience: Obviously, the more experience an OR Tech has, the more theywill be paid. entry-level OR Techs can expect to make around $40,000 per year,while those with 5 or more years of experience can earn closer to $60,000.

-State: The state an OR Tech works in also affects their salary. Thoseworking in California or New York tend to be paid the most, while those workingin Texas or Florida earn a bit less. This is due to the cost of living in eachstate as well as the supply and demand for OR Techs in each state.

-Type of Facility: The type of facility an OR Tech works in also plays a rolein salary. Those working in hospitals tend to be paid more than those workingin outpatient surgery centers or other types of facilities. This is due to thehigher level of responsibility and competition for hospital jobs.

Work Schedule

Most operating room techs work full time. They typically work in hospitals and may work evenings or weekends, or rotate shifts. Some operating room techs travel to different hospitals or surgery centers to work, while others work in one location.


Of course, the operating room tech’s work hours will vary depending on the hospital’s schedule. Most of the time, an OR tech can expect to work a full-time, 40-hour week. However, there may be times when they need to stay late or come in early for surgery. Additionally, OR techs may be required to work on weekends and holidays.

Shift Length

The length of an operating room tech’s shift can depend on the hospital. Some have 8-hour shifts, while others may have 12-hour shifts. There may also be a mix of day and night shifts available.

Career Outlook

An operating room tech is an allied health professional who supports surgeons during surgery. Operating room techs are responsible for setting up the operating room, sterilizing equipment, and making sure the surgery area is ready for the procedure. In addition, operating room techs may also be responsible for transporting patients to and from the operating room.

Job Growth

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that employment of operating room technicians will grow by 13% from 2018 to 2028, which is faster than average for all occupations. The aging population in America will require more surgeries as health conditions that were once life-threatening, such as heart disease and cancer, can now be treated surgically. Also contributing to job growth is the decreased length of hospital stays, thanks to advances in surgical techniques and medications. This means that patients can go home sooner, but more surgeries are needed to accommodate the shortened hospital stays.

There are several careers that are related to being an operating room tech. These include:

-Surgical technologist
-Registered nurse
-Physician assistant
-Licensed practical nurse

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