Maria Estrella General Hospital

The hospital has been around since the 19th century, and is now one of the largest in the country. It’s still a functioning hospital, but it’s also a museum that houses some of Mexico’s most important cultural artifacts.

Maria Estrella General Hospital is a hospital located in the city of Maracay, Venezuela. The contact number for this hospital can be found below.

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Welcome to Maria Estrella General Hospital! Our hospital proudly offers the best in health care for our patients. We are committed to providing the highest quality service possible, and we hope that you find our website helpful. Thank you for choosing us as your source for healthcare needs.

About Maria Estrella General Hospital

Maria Estrella General Hospital is a world-renowned hospital known for its cutting-edge medical technology and highly skilled staff. The hospital has been at the forefront of medical innovation for over a century, and continues to lead the way in providing quality healthcare to its patients. Maria Estrella is also renowned for its compassionate care, with staff always going above and beyond to ensure that each and every patient receives the best possible treatment. Whether you’re coming to us for a routine check-up or life-saving surgery, you can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands at Maria Estrella General Hospital.

Services Offered

Maria Estrella General Hospital offers a wide range of services to its patients. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who are dedicated to providing the best possible care to our patients. We offer a variety of medical services, including general medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, cardiology, and more. We also have a state-of-the-art laboratory where we can provide diagnostic testing and imaging services. In addition to our medical services, we also offer a wide range of support services, including social work, nutrition counseling, and more. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and their families.


The General Hospital is divided into a number of departments, each with their own specific functions and responsibilities. The main departments are:

– Admitting: responsible for admitting patients to the hospital and ensuring that they are comfortable during their stay.

– Outpatient: provides care for patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital overnight.

– Inpatient: responsible for the care of patients who are staying in the hospital overnight.

– Surgery: responsible for performing surgical procedures on patients.

– Emergency: provides care for patients who require immediate medical attention.


If you’re like most people, the word “doctor” probably conjures up images of a white-coated professional with a stethoscope around their neck. And while that’s certainly one type of doctor, there are actually many different types of doctors out there who specialize in different areas of medicine.

For example, there are pediatricians who focus on the care of children, obstetricians who focus on pregnant women and their babies, and psychiatrists who focus on mental health. There are also general practitioners, who provide primary care for patients of all ages.

No matter what type of doctor you see, they all have one thing in common: they want to help you stay healthy!

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Estrella is the best! I’ve been a patient of hers for years, and she always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable and taken care of. She’s knowledgeable, personable, and just an all-around great doctor.”

“I’ve been to a lot of different doctors in my life, but none of them come close to Dr. Estrella. She really cares about her patients and it shows in everything she does. I would recommend her to anyone!”

“Dr. Estrella is simply amazing. She has helped me through some tough times and I am forever grateful.”

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