The Wikipedia Trivia Game

Oh no...

Oh no…

It’s time for guess the Wikipedia Page! An exciting game where I take a series of words I found on Wikipedia and you guess which of the real Wikipedia pages I provide contain the answer. Highlight the void after the word “Answer” to find out if you got it right.

1. Gone 2 Soon

Which of the following “developed his lifelong love of gardening”?

A. Nelson Mandela

B. Paul Walker

C. Brian Griffin


2. Norwegian Bone Coaster

On which Wikipedia page did the words “Fjord Flying Dragon” appear?

A. 2013 in Norwegian Football

B. 2013 in paleontology

C. 2013 in amusement parks


3. A Funny Way Of Showing It

Which of these aims to “promote healthy, loving relationships between children and their families”?

A. Eugenics

B. Trail of Tears

C. With Arms Wide Open (Creed song)


4. Villainy

Which of the following things ” feed off of fighting and hatred, and make the winter colder and more harsh”?

A. Jersey Devil

B. Wendigo

C. Gmelin’s white-toothed shrew


5. If You Insist…

Which contains the words “was released only because of a technicality in the contract”?

A. Verizon Communications

B. Lol (2012 film)

C. The Count of Monte Cristo


6. What The Fox Says

“Reynard the fox outwits everyone in avoiding being hung on the gallows” in which of the following?

A. Folklore (video game)

B. Folklore (Nelly Furtado album)

C. Folklore of the Low Countries


7. Spoiler Alert

Which of the following confidently declares “The Bulgarian is gallant.”?

A. List of Bulgarian films: 1915-1949

B. Schrodinger’s cat in popular culture

C. Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)


8. Password Protected Iranian Furby Fun

According to which page, do “Some consider a convincing explanation of the importance of security to be more effective than threats of sanctions.”?

A. Iran-United States relations after 1979

B. Furby

C. Password policy


9. One That Doesn’t Run On Whale Blubber?

Where can the “Magic Lantern” be found?

A. List of government surveillance projects

B. Papal name

C. List of NFL nicknames


10. Swiss Missed

Someone “who had been living in self-imposed exile in Switzerland for twenty years, came back to the United States specifically” for what?

A. 44th National Hockey League All-Star Game

B. 44th Academy Awards

C. 44th United States Congress


How’d you do?

0 – Not great, Bob!

1-3 – Yeesh. At least you have this page to soothe you after being wronged so heinously here.

4-6 – For you, this isn’t bad.

7-9 – I commend you with a greatest-hits album released in 2005 by the Japanese hip hop group Rip Slyme.

10 – It’s probable that you are the founder of Wikipedia, Wikipedia Gonzalez. Fantastic work anyway.

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