The Hottest New Internet Game: 80’s Band First Name, Latino Last Name













If you’re anything like me, you’re were very excited to learn there is such person as Genesis Rodriguez, who will be one of the stars in the forthcoming movie Man on Fire Wire A Ledge, which, fun fact, was written by the same guy who wrote O.J. Simpson’s semi-confession If I Did It. The game is pretty self-explanatory, except that only bands are allowed, no solo artists. So take out those baseball cards and LPs and see if you can’t add a few more to this list.

  1. Bangles Bustos
  2. Wang Chung Martinez
  3. Blondie Lopez
  4. Wham! Sandoval
  5. Tears for Fears Perez
  6.  Go-Gos Gomez
  7. Winger Salamanca
  8. Van Halen Vazquez
  9. Bon Jovi Jimenez
  10. Sonic Youth Arenas
  11. Eurythmics Gonzalez
  12. Spandau Ballet Ballesteros
  13. New Order Olazabal
  14. Depeche Mode Morales
  15. Dire Straits Dominguez
  16. a-ha Hernandez
  17. Scorpions Morillo
  18. Ratt Ruiz
  19. Heart Marcos
  20. Midnight Oil Olivo
  21. Loverboy Montero
  22. Falco Granada
  23. Inxs Alvarez
  24. Yes Renteria
  25. Twisted Sister Visquel
  26. Asia Uribe
  27. New Edition Arzate
  28. Public Enemy Polanco
  29. The Smiths Garcia
  30. Modern English Herrera
  31. Whitesnake Blanco
  32. Cinderella Ramos
  33. White Lion de Leon
  34. Culture Club Castillo
  35. Aerosmith Cabrera
  36. Run DMC Garza
  37. The Highwaymen Escalante
  38. Metallica Mendoza
  39. Def Leppard Delgado
  40. Rush Rosas
  41. T’Pau Lugo
  42. Nena Negron
  43. Talk Talk Alfonseca
  44. Berlin Aleman
  45. Bananarama Ramirez
  46. Psychedelic Furs Fuentes
  47. Quiet Riot Rios
  48. Slayer Mata
  49. America Ferrera
  50. Survivor Chavez

And then my three favorite in no particular order

  1. Kiss De La Rosa
  2. Duran Duran Duran
  3. Motley Crüz / 2 Live Cruz
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3 thoughts on “The Hottest New Internet Game: 80’s Band First Name, Latino Last Name

  1. BigCalBear80 says:

    Good to see you back.

    –Squeeze Canseco

  2. :) says:

    Also glad you’re back!

    –Flock of Seagulls Cantú

  3. kita says:

    My three favorites, in alphabetical order,

    Def Leopard Delgado
    Quiet Riot Rios
    Twisted Sister Visquel

    with Special Mention to Spandau Ballet Ballesteros

    Where ya been so long?,
    ZZ Zapata

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