The Day I Bought A CD: A Poem


I arrived at the mall on a crisp day in fall

Just searching for something for me.

You see, I was miffed,

So I wanted a gift,

To break out of my ennui.

So I went to a store, then another and more

To try and find a CD.


The stacks, they were racked and that’s just a fact,

There were discs beyond my eye.

I’d need a guide and not one who lied

No that wouldn’t do for me.

So I read a tag on a nearby slag, and asked him, “Is your name Guy?”

“You’re in the right place,” he wandered apace,

And welcomed me to the Best Buy

I had a request, to make my Buy the Best,

“Well, that’s a poss’bility.”

I had but one wish, for a compact disc,

“Oh, you just mean a CD.”


“You are a new one, and this’ll be fun,” he intoned ominously,

“This is so rare at customer care,

Even for olds like me.

Since the mp3 file, we’ve abandoned this aisle

At least since Two-Thousand and Three.”


So we walked and we talked, through Pop and through Rock

And I didn’t see one for me,

There were Kinks and Kooks, egads! and gadzooks!

But I couldn’t pick just one CD.


We were caught in a throng, from song and to song,

When he found me something to see.

I said, “What is it? Are you sure it’s legit?”

And he told me “Most definitely.”


He showed me a case put it up to my face and I couldn’t help but see,

A sticker for price, a font that was nice and an Arcade so Fiery,

But a hipster I’m not,

I said no on the spot,

That’s not the one for me.


“That’s all that we’ve got–no wait, fear not! Want some B.I.G.!”

Black baby on white, a  contrasting sight, and Parental Advisory

“So what do you think,” he asked with a wink, “You look like you like what you see.

What should I do to convince you that today is the day you say ‘what the hey?’

And buy yourself a nice CD?”


“You’ve been really great, completely first rate, all you could possibly be,

But the thing is this, and I know you’ll get pissed,

I’d rather download it for free.”

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