Rick Perry, We Hardly Knew Ye

The weird thing about this is that he really should’ve just said literally any other agency (besides Defense, natch), and it wouldn’t have really mattered. Which is worse: looking like a complete and total dumbass or having a totally insane opinion (like, for example the ones he was proffering before he couldn’t remember the entirety of his insane opinions)? I’ll skip ahead and give you the answer. It’s looking like a dumbass.

As awful as that was, Perry’s still not entirely done. InTrade has him at 5% to win the Republican nomination, which sounds bad, but he was at 9.3% before the debate. Obviously anything that effectively halves your chances is a disaster, but I mean, there’s still a chance. No Lloyd Christmas.

Watch that clip again. There’s a roughly 2.5% chance that man become the President. Of America! America! What a big country!

Meanwhile, the political commentariat lives for this sort of thing. Some say it “was like seeing a thoroughbred get euthanized on the track after a fall,” others, “the most devastating moment of any modern primary debate.”

But don’t worry, debate season is only just now heating up. And with things like Herman Cain earning a rousing ovation for not sexually harassing like, literally dozens of women, more great moments are sure to occur. One of these people will emerge with a roughly fifty percent chance (or better! Who knows?) of becoming President.

By the way, Mitt Romney’s currently trading at 70%, so if you want to lock this thing up, buying him and Newt Gingrich (9.8%) might not be a bad play as they would be the two candidates with anything resembling a real chance who are not stupid.

Perry has tried to act as if there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, which is of course wrong. In the meantime, here’s a graph of Rick Perry’s plummeting stock price, in real time:

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3 thoughts on “Rick Perry, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. kita says:

    I appreciate the Perry stock chart, though I know of an artist who could have drawn you a really nifty personalized one!

    It’s hard to stay away from the Bruno Ganz rant-parody from the movie “Downfall” done on Perry’s “downfall”.

    It’s finally easy to feel smug on the Left – for a few minutes anyway.

  2. SBG says:

    I do kinda like his fellow Republicans trying to help him out with their own stock answer! So kind and nice! !

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