Search And Rescue

Now, we here at Better than Voodoo don’t get a ton in the way of traffic. In fact, we are not quite yet in the top seven million websites. Yet! We’re getting there with the help of viewers like you.

One way that we do drive traffic (sorta) is via search engines. Our in-house artist Sylvie Greenberg made a few drawings of some of her favorite search terms that have led readers to Better than Voodoo.

Click to Enlarge

Everything that appears in quotations is something that someone searched in Google (or Bing? who am I kidding.. just Google) that somehow led them to this humble site. A few more highlights in that same vane vain vein:

  • rappers chains
  • coupons leave a reply
  • coupons leave a comment
  • zooey deschanel vagina
  • things that are red
  • getting cuckolded
  • cuckolded again
  • two and a half men analysis
  • critical reaction to two and a half men
  • endless crab
  • last man standing air freshener buy at hardware stores
  • what’s wrong with comparing obama to hitler
  • hotwife tumblr (do not google this one under ANY circumstances. Here’s an urban dictionary link to discourage you)
  • eric taylor windbreaker
  • why do people make fun of andy rooney
  • if a black person and an asian person had a kid what would it look like
  • will not see tyler perry movie with kim k in it
  • venus freeze treatment undo botox?

I’m not sure what any of this says about me or the website that I am operating. I guess, if there’s one thing I feel proud of, it’s that I can help people solve their problems and learn why people make fun of andy rooney, why they shouldn’t compare obama to hitler, and what a blasian looks like (answer: gorgeous).

Clearly I need to up this site’s coupon-related content, and just turn everything red. It’s what the people want.


One thought on “Search And Rescue

  1. kita says:

    Hire that in house/apt. artist on full time! Love her work!!

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