Celebrity Rehab Rehash: Where Are They Now?

So, Celebrity Rehab, I think we all can agree, is one of the greatest television programs in the televised history of television. I needed to use some version of the word “television” three times because it’s just that magnificent. Its impact is truly unquantifiable. And now it’s gone. Tragic news, however, for those seeking to get a little more knowledge about what last season’s contestants are up to, I’m your guy.

Steven Adler

Running for town council as a Republican. He’s back on drugs, and if you type “Steven Adler” into google, the third suggestion is “Steven Adler died.”

Amy Fisher

Is scheduled to box the Octo-Mom, for the FilmOn Charitable Trust, which I’m not sure exists. Her husband, Lou the Wedding Photographer, will be fighting Joey Buttafuoco.

Dwight Gooden

Is not dating Bai Ling, but is enjoying the World Series and giving sensible advice to baseball teams looking for free agents.

Jeremy Jackson


Jessica Kiper

Taking shots at Shannen Doherty via Twitter. But really, nothing.

Bai Ling

Michael Lohan

To nobody’s surprise, he is back in jail on domestic battery charges.

Sean Young

On an “I’m not crazy” tour.

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One thought on “Celebrity Rehab Rehash: Where Are They Now?

  1. kate major says:

    That’s Jessica “Sugar” Kiper to you!

    Tsk, tsk, for not adding the God of Celeb Rehab, Dr. Drew himself, and of course SHELLEY and Bob. C’mon!

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