What’s Getting My Goat

Because Andy Rooney retired, somebody needs to take the mantle of crotchety old man. That’s where I come in, with a list of things that have provided minor, ultimately insignificant irritation to me in the last week.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Getting My Goat

  1. Which dictator's death will the New Girl predict?? says:

    You’ve been eating watermelon candies for breakfast again! I knew it!!

    How come Him is getting stiffed for the World Series? Has he divorced himself from She now that he’s watched some episodes of her god-awful show?

    Oh damn, I guess he loves her just like everyone else. Boo.

    And they have a Christmas album coming out? Not cool! She already did “Elf”!

  2. Ted, Media Critic says:

    Fox got their revenge when they cut back to Zooey’s seats in the 7th to reveal that New Girl and the Glee club had left early. Joe “not to be confused with his talented father” Buck and Tim “hoo-hee-hoo-haw!” McCarver proceeded to dis the cast for not loving baseball/America more. Even though everybody knows that celebrities always leave after their promo shot, right? Somehow Fox thought all of this was good marketing.

    • Jordan Carr says:

      It’s still really weird that Joe Buck is excited about the World Series at times (i.e. when the Cardinals do something). I’m used to “…And Tyree…. makes the catch.” But really… where did all those casts have to go that was so exciting? They were in Arlington, Texas!

      • SBG says:

        It was also weird when earlier in the game (when they were still all there; Matthew Morrison looking especially uncomfortable for some reason) Joe Buck called Zooey a very funny and “subtle” actress? “Adorkable” she may be..but subtle? No one who is “adorkable” is subtle.

  3. Teddy Steinkellner says:

    after 48 hours of strenuous research, an answer to your question, JC:

    ZooeyDeschanel zooey deschanel
    Would have loved to have watched the whole game but I had to catch a plane so I can go to work tomorrow. That’s all guys. I’m not a jerk.
    23 Oct

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