When Comparing Obama to Hitler Goes Wrong (It Always Goes Wrong)

You ever have to talk about something you don’t know very much about on TV? I haven’t, but I bet it’s pretty hard. People are always trying to lead you into saying things that you don’t want to say that you don’t realize were stupid until it’s too late. It happens all the time. Hank Williams comparing Obama to Hitler was not one of these times. The question that inspired that comparison was, “Who do you like in the GOP race?”

I don’t think anyone should compare Obama to Hitler. Ever. Even if somehow you have the perfect analogy (like if he covered the White House in Bocklins or something) It’s pretty inappropriate on a number of levels, most notably: Hitler was a racist, genocidal maniac who was responsible for millions of deaths, while Barack Obama has signed some legislation that people don’t like.

Although, if we’re going to pick nits, perhaps the reason “That’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu” is offensive is because Hitler died four years before Netanyahu was born? And if there’s anything we learned from Ashton Kutcher’s classic film, The Butterfly Effect, it’s that time travel is evil and ruins everything. Maybe he’s just warning us against it. Probably not though. What is it with people named Hank and Hitler stuff?

Besides, his wording is vague enough that technically, John Boehner could be Hitler and Obama could be Netanyahu. And nobody’s offended on John Boehner’s behalf, even if it means he was compared to Netanyahu. That’s offensive too, right? And… and… he technically did not compare Obama’s policies to Hitler’s, he was just drawing on two historical opposites (Hitler and Churchill, Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Stalin, Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu) and comparing them to two contemporary opposites (Obama and Boehner). He was just making a point!

Hank never said Obama is like Hitler, just that him playing golf with a rival is like Hitler playing golf with a rival. Obama certainly does tend to end up in sand traps (HIYOOOOO!). Meanwhile, I imagine Hitler uses his driver on every shot–it is the master club, after all.

Having said that! If there’s anyone in America who should get to make insane Obama/Hitler comparisons, isn’t it Hank Williams, Jr.? We don’t keep him around because he is reasonable, or because we respect his opinions, or because he has anything to do with the word “restraint.” We keep him around because he made an awesome football song. Look at this video! The people who made Top Gun think this is too patriotic and jingoistic. THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT GETS TRANSFORMED INTO GOALPOSTS, PEOPLE.

You know what else? That video is legitimately very exciting. I really want to get in a fighter jet and bomb Syria. Roll Tide.

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One thought on “When Comparing Obama to Hitler Goes Wrong (It Always Goes Wrong)

  1. Hank Kingsley says:

    Heil Now!

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