A Not Entirely Fair Analysis of Critical Reaction to Two and a Half Men

Nearly 28 million people tuned in for the season premiere of Two and a Half Men. At some point or another, this became the most popular sitcom on TV, and so I thought it’d be interesting to take some things that critics said about the show after its 2003 premiere and juxtapose those words against the words they said in 2011 after last night’s show.

Say what you will about Two and a Half Men, but that theme song is golden. Let’s all listen in.

Then: “A Whole Lot Of Fun

Now: “…as predictable and unfunny as ever.

Then: “…one of the season’s funniest sitcoms.

Now: “…god damn was that a bad episode.”

Then: …And Nephew Makes 3 Sheen, Cryer good as ‘Men’

Now: “…quite a crappy little show

Then: Two and a Half Men “…has modest goals, but it achieves them confidently and without embarrassment or insult to the viewer.”

Now: “…egregiously terrible.”

Then: “Cryer has never had quite the success he deserved, bouncing from one failed sitcom to the next, like Scott Bakula in ‘Quantum Leap.'”

Now: “…like watching Iraqis tear down statues of Saddam Hussein

Then: “Charlie Sheen, madcap comic? No, but his self-described brand of “anti-comedy” is good and plentiful in this new addition to CBS’ rock-steady Monday night lineup. Need deadpan? He’s your man.

Now: “‘Two and a Half Men’ is not a show I found funny.”

Then: “Casting is awfully important in cases like this, and [Charlie Sheen] works well with [Jon Cryer] as the manic and depressive siblings.

Now: “So maybe someday soon, like before next Monday, they can all get together and come up with a plan for how to be funnier.

So, what’d we learn? I don’t know. Let’s just listen to the theme song again. No mean critics can hurt you, you catchy bastard.


One thought on “A Not Entirely Fair Analysis of Critical Reaction to Two and a Half Men

  1. Sterling Cooper says:

    Now: “Freddy Rumsen was fantastic as the delivery guy. A real dry wit.”

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