Great Moments in Wrong Name History

“I just told Righetti one day. I’m doing a bucket, and I’m like Rags, we need to talk about something. He’s like, ‘What?’ Ummmm. What’s my name? He’s like, ‘Jeremy.’ Ummmm. No. It’s not, actually.  It’s actually Jerome. He’s like, ‘so for a couple years I’ve been calling you Jeremy and it’s not even your name? Why didn’t you correct me?’ I told him the same: I was scared. ‘What were you scared about?’ I don’t know. And he slapped me.

Former San Francisco Giants Pitcher Jerome “Mulva” Williams on how he got his teammates to start calling him the correct name.

Ok, Jerome, you now have the best wrong name story of any professional pitcher in the Bay Area in the past five years. Take that, Jairo Garcia / Santiago Casilla.

It would be a shame to let this pass without taking the opportunity to stroll down memory lane.

1993: Marisa Tomei “wins” the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

The story goes like this: Jack Palance, who you may remember as the title character from City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, was up on stage, getting ready to announce the award. Only problem: he was hammered. And old. As such, he just read the last nominee’s name, and everyone else was too embarrassed to do anything about it. If the sanctity of the BET Awards is worth the embarrassment of correcting an announcer, I’d imagine the Oscar’s would make sure they get it right.

2002: I meet someone who calls me George

I have a problem with mumbling when I introduce myself to people. Nobody’s fault but my own.

All the time, always: someone on Yahoo! Answers is either calling someone the wrong name or being called the wrong name.

Oh, Yahoo! Answers, I wish I could quit you. Whether it’s calling out the wrong name whilst taking some guy’s virginity or insisting on calling your current girlfriend by an ex’s name because you “really like” it or asking all the Good Christians if it’s ok to name your dog Moses, or this other dog-related inquiry, you do it all.

1930-2006: Pluto called a planet.

For 76 years, Pluto allowed itself to be called a planet, before notifying pitching coach Dave Righetti that it was merely a dwarf planet.

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