Hey Everybody, Welcome to the Better Than Voodoo Launch Party

There’s a rumor that goes like this: in the late-80s, a band called Ezra is playing at a club, to a mostly tepid reaction. The MC at the event, doing a kinda sloppy job of things, asks the next band what their name is, and the lead singer answers, “Better Than Ezra.” A few short years later, they had a big hit, mostly memorable for the way the lead singer pronounces “aha.” And a few decades later, they can lay claim to inspiring half the name of a website.

The other half is for my favorite fictional character in recent memory, Friday Night Lights’ Ray “Voodoo” Tatum (he’s our unofficial mascot in the top left corner of the page). I like Voodoo because the show wants you to hate him. He’s an arrogant star with all the talent in the world, but none of the Heart. On the show, everything works out terribly for Voodoo and he gets his comeuppance in the end.

But that’s not this site. On this site, having the swag to tell your coach he doesn’t know what he’s doing, then calling your own plays and scrambling for a touchdown makes you a hero. Because that’s what we’re about here: results.

Have a look around. There are already a few posts, including my ongoing series wherein I break down upcoming TV series (spoiler alert: mostly terribleness on the horizon!), and a few other miscellaneous posts.

The format of this site is going to be daily posts, with topics ranging from television to music to movies to sports to everything else there is. The posts should be fairly light and breezy and not take too much of your time.

I would like to implore you to sign up for the email subscription at the bottom of the page, where if you just leave your email address, I will sell it to Chinese businessmen, the content of this site can be delivered to you as often as you like. And if you have enemies, you can sign them up for it too, so that’s fun as well.

If you’re on twitter, follow @btvoodoo. I know, I’m embarrassed to be on there too.

I hope you’re all liking the site so far and are willing to spread the word. Email friends, write letters to relatives, call up old lovers–it’d mean a lot to me.


2 thoughts on “Hey Everybody, Welcome to the Better Than Voodoo Launch Party

  1. Choire says:

    Dare I say “first.”

  2. Carleigh says:

    good luck, jordan!!

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