Men at Work, But With No Charming Australians

Listen… I’m a white male. White males are, on the whole, losing their once-absolute grip on business. Things are becoming more equal. Women and minorities are gaining a bigger share of things, and in this sort of situation, a certain status anxiety can develop. Because it most certainly is true that in some cases, certain men are going to lose out in competitions to women, professionally speaking.

But still, on the whole, men, and white men in particular, are at an advantage in the workplace over women. Even if we take that things are equal now, and that everyone is treated fairly (which, you know, probably not true), men have a head start.

So no, I don’t sympathize with ABC’s new show Work It, of which, I am the target audience. Right? And this show… just… I mean…. roll the clip.

Who wants to play “guess what the pitch for this show was?” I do! I do!

1. It’s like Tootsie, but with a soundtrack courtesy of RuPaul, and starring bros greater than or equal to those on How I Met Your Mother.

2. It’s like Bosom Buddies, but with a 21st century twist… ok, fine. It’s exactly the same as Bosom Buddies. But in 2011. It’s edgy because it makes no fucking sense that you’d air this!

3. It’s like Juwanna Mann, but you know, the economy is tough. So it’s topical!

4. It’s like Some Like It Hot, but without Marilyn Monroe to remind us of her tragic, tragic death, and without Tony Curtis to remind us of his maybe-hermaphroditic daughter!

And who wants to make some predictions about what the episodes are like? I do! I do!

1. There will be a scene where a male character has to hide his attraction to a woman, who, in thinking he is a woman, undressed in front of him.

2. The girls will cry together, but it will be funny because the man/womans will be ACTUALLY CRYING TEARS OF SADNESS.

3. Something about boobs will be in every single episode.

4. There will be a joke about how hard it is to walk in heels.

5. Men are so insensitive and like sports! Women like crying and not eating real food but you guys, ice cream!

And so on. I mean, the jokes in the preview are about how large and unattractive the one man/woman is, how they can’t walk like women, how women always be starving themselves, and how the man/womans can’t dance like women. It’s hard to imagine  a parody of an unoriginal TV series and doing better than this. So, maybe Work It is just an awesome, awesome piece of performance art, in which case, bravo, but otherwise. Bleechhh.

ABC, would you care to explain what you’ve unleashed?

This high-concept comedy centers on two unrepentant guy’s guys who, unable to find work, dress as women to get jobs as pharmaceutical reps. Not only do they pull it off, but they might just learn to be better men in the process.

Now, at first, I was appalled that this show would be described as high-concept. But then I went to wikipedia and learned that “high-concept” is kinda, sorta code for “sucky.” Who knew? Anyway, did J. Peterman write this description? Read that last sentence again. “Not only do they pull it off, but they might just learn to be better men in the process.”And again. “Not only do they pull it off, but they might just learn to be better men in the process.” Read it four, five times in a row, and let that feeling sink in. If it doesn’t make you feel a little queasy, you’re just not alive.

Another thing worth noting… The man/womans are hired by to work as pharmaceutical reps, to work at a firm that is only hiring women because the doctors aren’t attracted to men. I mean, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all, but those are quite obviously men, and it is hard to imagine any doctor being wooed by their feminine charms. So, when that inevitably happens–and it will–it will be completely not believable because that is stupid and wrong and no.

Ok, Youtube, you can have the last word. But be nice:

I remember the day TV ended. It was right after that show “Work It” aired.

ItDreams 1 week ago

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SubsterX 3 weeks ago
Hey! That was mean! Let’s try this again:

The greatest American TV show ever made…

RasputinReview 2 months ago
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2 thoughts on “Men at Work, But With No Charming Australians

  1. ko says:

    Didn’t this start with Tom hanks on a sit-com??

  2. Bear Fan says:


    congrats on your new blog…

    Bear Fan

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