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The Washington Post’s New Fact Checker is a Flawless Truth Machine

In an exciting innovation, The Washington Post, our nation’s leading repository of sad articles about John Wall, has decided they’re going to introduce something exciting and entirely new to their news coverage: facts.

Today, The Washington Post introduces a new prototype, The Truth Teller, that does live, automated fact checking of a political speech.

Building off the technology that gave us Zooey Deschanel asking what the weather was like AS SHE LOOKED OUT A WINDOW, The Truth Teller is off to a good start! Here’s one correction in its evaluation of Rep. Gerald Connolly’s (D-VA) speech:

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 2.52.33 PM

Now, sure, in the guy’s speech, it seems like he clearly says “The Recovery Act, which I proudly supported, cut taxes for ninety five percent of all Americans.” And sure, if that’s what he said, then that claim is the exact thing the Truth Teller is saying. But I’m just a human with a soft heart who hears what he wants to hear. For example, I want to hear sentences with coherent prepositional phrases and adverbs that relate to the rest of the words around them. But The Truth Teller cuts through the spin and gets right to the nougat-filled fact center so quickly that you don’t even realize how little sense this metaphor makes.

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Sexiest Man Controvery Embroils America (Plus A Historical Retrospective on People’s BEST COVERS EVAR)

So, it’s come to this. People Magazine, the guardians of modern journalism who brought you stories of international importance such as “Dakota Fanning learns to do Laundry,” “Inside Zoe Saldana’s Pre-Breakup Family Dinner” and really, everything that falls under the aegis of their website celebritybabies.people.com, has named their World’s Sexiest Man.

And for twentieth year in a row, it’s Nick Nolte! Congratulations again, Nick! (My sources on this somehow turned out to be incorrect. We regret the error.)

No, the World’s Sexiest People’s Sexiest Sexyman of the Sexy Year is Bradley Cooper. I know what you’re thinking–I’ve already read nearly 100 words, get to the fucking point-so I will. This choice, while seemingly a generic selection of a good-looking white actor who does the kind of boring and awful movie that the humans who read People go see in droves, is a controversial one.

Why? Because Ryan Gosling wuz robbed, that’s why! Let’s go over Ryan Gosling’s resume:

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Political Wisdom: How to Avoid Getting Embarrassed by Bobby McFerrin

Say you’re running for office. You want to latch on to an inspirational song. Something peppy and uptempo, with a message of optimism. Here’s what you do: you call up the band that made that song and ask politely if you can use it in your campaign. Why? Because that way you can avoid having them angrily request that you stop using their song, at which point you kinda have to switch to a new song anyway. Just this week Maroon 5′s Adam Levine has angrily requested Fox News stop using his song, calling the channel “evil” and across the pond Conservative pol Teresa May has found her usage of a Dandy Warhols song met with a threat to politely cease doing so “tear their fuggin heads off.”

The point being, this is all very avoidable! And yet, historically, this has happened over and over, and over again. Especially to Republicans because, let’s face it, most musicians aren’t quite so into the GOP. A brief history.

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