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Here Is What Happened This Week: 8-15-14


Here are some updates on current events presented in humorous fashion for your enjoyment. There were some very depressing things that happened too, but I won’t be addressing them so as to keep you, the reader in good spirits.

Paul McCartney played the last concert at Candlestick Park before it is to be demolished. Elton John is reported to have bitterly moved a slightly rewritten version of “Candle in the Wind” to the trash folder on his computer.

The defense is seeking a dismissal in the corruption trial for former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. The judge is unlikely to grant the dismissal as there are mountains of evidence of McDonnell’s corruption and his check hasn’t cleared yet.

Eight people were arrested after pulling off a heist of more than $180,000 at a New Jersey casino. Three other members of criminal mastermind Danny Ocean’s crew are believed to still be at large.
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Winners and Losers of 2013

Considering this happened, we're all winners this year

Considering this happened, we’re all winners this year

Unlike other jerks who have been publishing their best of, worst of, and most statistically average of 2013 lists, I waited until 2013 ended, dammit, before I started listing things. Without any further ado, here are the people who won and who lost in 2013.

WINNER: Gay Atheists

The new pope says you guys are totally on the FastTrak to Heaven!

WINNER: Edward Snowden

He’s about three months away from faking his own death and spending the remainder of his days in that cafe in Paris with Batman and that actress everyone hates because she tries too hard.

WINNER: Tyler Perry

A Madea Christmas made $44 million. Way to go, Tyler Perry!

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