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The Proposals Barack Obama (Foolishly) Didn’t Make In The State of the Union

Fresh off having the first great “Tell Me How My Ass Taste” moment of his presidency, President Barack Obama has to be feeling pretty good. Also, he proposed a whole bunch of things like shutting down Gitmo, raising the minimum wage and so on. While very few if any of these things are likely to happen (because nothing ever happens), that’s all the more reason for President Obama to have used his penultimate State of the Union to lay out an ambitious agenda. (The following is to be read in Barack Obama voice for full effect. Make sure to include the pauses and applause breaks!)

It's kinda cool that we made this guy President, right?

It’s kinda cool that we made this guy President, right?

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The Wikipedia Trivia Game

Oh no...

Oh no…

It’s time for guess the Wikipedia Page! An exciting game where I take a series of words I found on Wikipedia and you guess which of the real Wikipedia pages I provide contain the answer. Highlight the void after the word “Answer” to find out if you got it right.

1. Gone 2 Soon

Which of the following “developed his lifelong love of gardening”?

A. Nelson Mandela

B. Paul Walker

C. Brian Griffin


2. Norwegian Bone Coaster

On which Wikipedia page did the words “Fjord Flying Dragon” appear?

A. 2013 in Norwegian Football

B. 2013 in paleontology

C. 2013 in amusement parks


3. A Funny Way Of Showing It

Which of these aims to “promote healthy, loving relationships between children and their families”?

A. Eugenics

B. Trail of Tears

C. With Arms Wide Open (Creed song)


4. Villainy

Which of the following things ” feed off of fighting and hatred, and make the winter colder and more harsh”?

A. Jersey Devil

B. Wendigo

C. Gmelin’s white-toothed shrew

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